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MBTI® Global Step II Interpretive Report(R) *

The MBTI® Global Step II™ Interpretive Report is a highly personalized narrative and graphical report that helps clients understand their MBTI® Global Step I™ and Step II™ results. The 17-page report then applies those results to four important components of professional development: communication, decision making, change management, and conflict management.

Note: The MBTI® Global Assessment version shown and described below is currently available in English only.

Key Features

  • The latest version of the MBTI® assessment
    - Fresh and up-to-date – the result of almost a decade of research.
    - New probability index scoring - makes results even easier to understand.
    - Improved online experience – respondents can learn more about their type.
  • Designed with easier facilitation in mind
    Includes an interpreter’s summary providing clients’ results in brief, the average range of scores of individuals with the same MBTI® type, and clients’ polarity index, which is a measure of the consistency of their response.
  • Offers personalized tips for professional development
    A full page each is devoted to applying results to communicating, making decisions, managing change, and managing conflict. The report describes clients’ style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that style more effectively.
  • Engaging and user friendly
    The report has benefited from multiple small improvements in terms of layout and wording that will benefit the practitioner and respondent alike.

Recommended Support Materials

  • MBTI® Manual for the Global Step I™ and Step II™ Assessments (4th edition)
  • Understanding Your MBTI® Global Step II™ Results (2nd edition)

Administration Details

  • Items: 143
  • Time to complete: 30 mins

Want to learn more about the MBTI® Global instruments? Visit our MBTI® Global landing page to see what's new and to download the FAQ.

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