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California Psychological Inventory:
For Your Leadership and Executive Coaching Initiatives

How do you develop great leaders? How do you motivate employees to give you their very best? And do you really know the strengths and developmental opportunities of your team?

For more than 55 years, the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) instrument has provided a highly accurate and in-depth portrait not only of individuals’ professional and personal styles, but also of their potential.

Please take a moment to view this short video to learn about the CPI instrument.


    • The CPI 260® instrument provides a comprehensive view of an individual forming a strong basis for in-depth coaching discussions. We have seen many people benefit from self-reflection of their leadership strengths, as well as areas to develop further. The CPI 260® helps us to create an environment where coaching conversations can be focused on self-reflection and personal growth.

      Jayne Cobham, Organisational Psychologist, Positive Performance Limited, Auckland, New Zealand


    Two forms of the instrument are available - the CPI 260® and the CPI 434 - each geared toward a different professional usage. The CPI instruments are trusted and powerful tools for use in leadership development and selection. By describing individuals as others see them, and through the generation of highly intuitive reports, they can help your clients gain a clearer picture of their personal and work-related characteristics, motivations and thinking styles - as well as how they manage themselves and deal with others.

    Building on the CPI, the CPI 260® instrument can help you hone in on your organisation’s strengths and discover new opportunities for development. This leadership coaching and development tool is based on successful real-time applications, all empirically derived and research validated.

    Leaders come in all varieties and the CPI 260® instrument enables you and your clients to capitalise on their strengths, target areas for development and take action to grow their effectiveness and success as leaders.


    The CPI 260 Assessment:

    • Contains 260 carefully selected items used to measure an individual’s interpersonal approach, intrapersonal values and level of satisfaction, including several critical competencies and tendencies, including both favourable and unfavourable characteristics, that have an impact on leadership effectiveness and potential. These characteristics are universal - that is, they are independent of an individual’s industry, responsibilities and the people she or he manages.
    • Measures responses on 29 different scales and compares them to data on 5,600 managers and executives collected in the Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL®).
    • Provides results on 18 different leadership characteristics in five core performance areas: self-management, team building and teamwork, organisational capabilities, problem solving, and sustaining organisational vision. In combination, they yield a nuanced portrait of the individual’s personality lifestyle in one of four broad categories: implementers, supporters, innovators, and visualisers.
    • Yields practical, down-to-earth insights to apply in executive coaching, occupational development, and other business and organisational contexts.
    • Generates two unique reports - a Client Feedback Report plus a Coaching Report for Leaders - which can function as developmental plans and coaching aids.


    Explore the Model

    Please take a moment to explore the 4 lifestyles of the CPI model.



    Explore the CPI™ Model

    Hover over the graphics below for descriptions of the four lifestyles.




Certification in the CPI Instrument

The CPI instrument is what we call ‘Restricted’ and you need to be trained and certified to access and use it. This ensures that the instrument is used for the purpose for which it was designed and that it is being administered and interpreted correctly.

We offer a CPI™ Certification Program that will qualify you in the professional and ethical administration of the CPI instrument and upon successful completion of the program, you will gain a certificate of qualification to purchase and use both the instrument and its reports.

Public CPI Certification Programs are currently available in Melbourne, Sydney and other locations in the Asia Pacific region upon request .

If you would like to discuss an in-house Certification Program for your organisation, please contact us .


Key Benefits

  • Offers practical insights and real life applications for organisational development, coaching, human resource and training and development professionals in a business or organisational context
  • Is more business focused and generates leadership development reports that can function as developmental plans and coaching aids
  • Develops leadership abilities by helping individuals better understand themselves and how they interact with others
  • Enhances your existing leadership development, succession planning and selection programs
  • Complements existing performance improvement initiatives and other organisational development programs
  • Helps organisations identify talent by measuring results relating to occupational issues, creativity, leadership, amicability and tough-mindedness


Instrument Features

  • Short, easy-to-use form of the acclaimed CPI instrument (requires 40 percent less time to complete)
  • Results on 29 CPI scales: 20 folk scales, 3 structural scales and 6 special-purpose scales
  • Results on a range of personal scales including: interpersonal aspects, internal values and normative expectations, achievement needs and cognitive tendencies and stylistic preferences
  • Defined personality model underlying the instrument via structural scales
  • Additional scoring via special-purpose scales and discrimination for specific applications



  • Leadership Development: Help individuals and organisations identify leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Executive Coaching: Empower leaders to reach their full potential through a structured, consultative approach
  • Performance Improvement: Increase leaders’ self-awareness and help them adjust their behaviours for maximum effectiveness
  • Succession Planning: Strengthen organisations by building leaders at all levels
  • Selection and Talent Retention: Find the right talent and keep them engaged through a fulfilling career path


Please note that translations are available for selected CPI products in the following languages:

Danish, French, French (Canadian)

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