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MBTI® Form M Interpretive Report for Organizations(R) *

Build on employee strengths and develop target areas identified in this report.

Practitioners who view type from an organisational perspective will find high value in this 10-page report. The report includes all the data from the MBTI® Form M Profile Report and a brief introduction to type. It also discusses the connection between type and:

  • Leadership styles
  • Preferred work environments
  • Communication styles and problem-solving approaches

Like the MBTI® Form M Interpretive Report, this report is based on four-letter type results. It can be generated using the client’s item responses (reported type) or verified type. The report is ideal for organisation development, management development and team-building applications.

  • Refreshed to be more engaging and user-friendly
    Enhancements include:
    • New design for a contemporary look and feel
    • Improved content organisation and layout for better usability
    • Updated MBTI® language for easier comprehension of type concepts
    • Revamped preference clarity index (PCI) chart that deemphasise clients’ “scores”
    • New graphics to help explicate type dynamics
    • Learning tips and sidebar callouts to reinforce learning
  • Provides an in-depth exploration of clients’ work style
    Features an extensive overview of how a client’s MBTI® type may be expressed in work settings and links his or her type preferences to likes and dislikes in a work environment. Also offers insights into the client’s communication and problem-solving approaches, while highlighting strengths and potential blind spots.

  • Graphically enhanced to illustrate preference clarity
    Graphs preference clarity indexes so you can help clients see how clearly they indicated their preferences and use that information to determine their best-fit type.

  • Keeps the coaching front and center
    From new learning tips and sidebar callouts to suggestions for creating a personal action plan following the training, the report is designed to help reinforce learning.

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