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What do you really want to achieve in your business? And what do you think is getting in the way?


Tell us. We’re consultants. We listen and we want the whole picture.


We work closely with you – like partners – to find out exactly what needs to happen. You can get the support you need to help your people and your business to perform the way you want.


Our three-step approach to development

    • Defining Success
    • Defining success

      Let’s identify what ‘great’ looks like in your organisation. Working together with you, we identify your unique challenges and diagnose with absolute honesty the issues you face.

    • Evaluating people
    • Evaluating people

      Let’s review the current reality in your business. By using research, consulting models, and data from your business, we show you how you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

    • Growing capability
    • Growing capability

      Let’s develop your people to achieve success. Our business-focused development programs promise a lasting impact. We can help you to make change happen at individual, team, and organisational levels.


Who we are


  • Registered psychologists and people development specialists
  • Qualified practitioners in world-leading psychometric tools, including MBTI®, EQ-i 2.0® and EQ 360® and Benchmarks® 360-degree feedback
  • Experienced consultants who deliver development work across all sectors and industries
  • A source of support for in-house practitioners - we can provide hands-on help, guidance and advice
  • Collaborators and partners who put your business needs first


From our customers


    • Virtual Solutions
    • Virtual Solutions with Girls in Tech

      "The session armed us with an invaluable tool to be more effective in achieving our organisational goals. We're better able to move forward as a team thanks to the insights we gained." -Founder and CEO, Girls in Tech

      Read the full case study.

    • Leadership Development
    • Leadership development with RAF Cranwell

      "We were aware that the old system of 'explain, demonstrate, criticise mistakes then repeat' was not effective in producing consistently high performance." - Officer Commanding the Human Factors Centre, RAF Cranwell

      Read the full case study.

    • Team Development
    • Team development with Diageo

      "Six months after the development we have a team able to talk openly, working brilliantly together, and as a result we've delivered some really top quality ideas and plans." - Marketing Manager, Diageo

      Read the full case study.

    • Talent Assessment and Development
    • Talent development with Thorntons

      "Through enhancing participants' leadership capability we increase the level of their contribution, both in their role and across the business." -Head of Talent, Thorntons

      Read the full case study.

    • Organisational Development
    • Organisational development with Pension Insurance Corporation

      "Both the values and capability frameworks really feel like PIC. They are used in everyday language and have really come to life across the organisation." -Chief Operating Officer, PIC

      Read the full case study.

    • Experiential Learning
    • Experiential Learning with manufacturing company

      "I got caught up in the Escape Experience and began displaying my typical deadline driven behaviours. This experience was an excellent way to immediately apply learning and identify how I will change my behaviour on the job." -Anonymous team member

      Read the full case study.


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