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Drive positive change, harness innovation and achieve excellence.


When you are committed to helping people be their best and realise their potential, becoming certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a natural choice. For professionals in executive coaching, certification provides tools for helping clients increase their self-awareness and identify their strengths and blind spots. In the field of management consulting, certification enables practitioners to help improve individual and organisational performance and enhance team communication and dynamics. Enrich your professional skills for helping others discover the power of their personality with the MBTI® instrument via one of the world’s most popular organisational development certification programs.


Why become MBTI® certified?


The MBTI® Certification Program will enable you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your and others' personality preferences and how they affect personal and professional relationships.
  • Deliver more effective employee engagement programs with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organisation.
  • Enhance the onboarding process for new hires with insight into their personality preferences and that of their colleagues.
  • Help students gain a richer understanding of their personality preferences and of how their preferences relate to choices in their educational and future career path.
  • Grow professionally, through access to and insight into the world’s most widely used personality assessment, so that you can help others be their best.


Who should attend MBTI® certification?


  • HR professionals
  • Organisational development professionals
  • Trainers and educators
  • Management consultants
  • Executive coaches
  • Career counselors
  • Family counselors
  • Academic advisors
  • Line managers


What will you learn?


  • The origins and background of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, and how to successfully administer the assessment
  • Technical aspects of the Myers-Briggs® assessment, including information about reliability and validity
  • How to deliver MBTI® feedback and personality insights to individuals and groups, using the results for personal and team development, career coaching, and more
  • Your personality type and what that means for your personal and professional relationships
  • How MBTI® preferences combine dynamically to add depth and understanding to personality differences
  • Practical, ethical, and effective uses for the MBTI® assessment in business, government, the military, educational institutions, and beyond


    • ICF CCE logo
    • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Continuing Coach Education Hours


Please note that the MBTI® Step I & Step II Certification Program has been approved by ICF for the following Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours:

  • Core Competencies: 10
  • Resource Development: 19


What do our clients say about the MBTI® Certification Program?



  • "I can't imagine a more comprehensive program presented any better. The instructor is absolutely amazing. Her depth of knowledge and skill as a teacher are unsurpassed. Totally loved this course."
    -Jo Ann Thorp
  • "We use MBTI® assessment about ten times per year and it always sparks amazing conversation. It brings such self-awareness to our students that the MBTI® certified trainers here find it priceless."
    - Allison Gross-Ebert, Training Manager, US Department of State
  • "From the onset of MBTI® assessment and Step II certification, I better understand my own preferences and how to leverage those in my role as an internal consultant."
    - Gary Westbroek, Organisational Development Consultant, Intermountain Health Care
  • "We plan to leverage the MBTI® framework to improve our organisation’s culture by recommending the MBTI® assessment to our leaders and leveraging people who believe in the power of the MBTI® framework and applications to do the same."
    - Jessie Lockhart, Senior Manager of Human Resources, Lam Research Corporation

Public MBTI® Certification Programs are available virtually and in locations across the Asia Pacific region.



Want us to come to you? Contact us to discuss a virtual or in-person Certification Program exclusive to your organisation.


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MBTI® Step II Certification


For practitioners who are MBTI® Step I certified, you can gain deeper insight for improving performance with certification in the MBTI® Step II instrument.

People are unique, and that’s why those with the same four-letter MBTI® personality type can be very different. Behind any given MBTI® type is an individual with their own composition of preferences.

The MBTI® Step II assessment looks at the ‘facets’ behind every preference pair, to reveal how an individual’s personality type is really composed. The one-day MBTI® Step II Virtual Certification Program shows how you can apply deeper insight to tackle key challenges in organisations, such as communication and decision-making.


What you will learn:

                                  • How MBTI® Step II builds on Step I and was constructed from ideas by Isabel Myers
                                  • Techniques for applying MBTI® Step II in one-to-one and group settings
                                  • How to apply type insights to communication, decision-making, change and conflict management
                                  • Why the same MBTI® personality types differ in their expression of type
                                  • How MBTI® Step II can shed light on issues that are unresolved with Step I
                                  • How to give feedback and deliver your own Step II team events
                                  • Hints and tips for virtual and face-to-face delivery when using Step II with individuals, teams and groups.


Learning approach:

Delivered virtually, this program embraces the value of experiential learning throughout. Supported by a highly interactive training platform – including features such as break out rooms, interactive whiteboards, voting and chat functions – you’ll never feel ’stuck at your screen’. As with our in-person programs, this virtual workshop is designed to accommodate different learning styles and involve reflection, different types of interaction and self-study, with regular breaks to help manage your concentration.

The course is delivered by experienced MBTI® practitioners who are both expert trainers and coaches to participants. During the course, you will practice your feedback skills and receive feedback to build your toolkit and your confidence.


Course benefits:

                                  • Help people and organisations by providing a richer understanding of personality type
                                  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, change management, conflict resolution and decision-making events with the detailed insights of the MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report
                                  • Experience virtual delivery and develop your skills to deliver Step II feedback virtually



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